​​What's on Your Mind?

​We need to know your top priories and concerns so that we can address them immediately  and/or add to the agenda of our next board meeting.

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What's on Your Mind?

​Board of Directors

  • President
    • Richard LaMarca
  • Vice President
    • Gary Drury
  • Secretary
    • Thomas Pasculli
  • Treasurer
    • Louise Rea
  • Directors
    • George DeMartino
    • Cathy Galatro
    • Giovanna Bizzoso

Our Mission

The Oyster Bay Civic Association is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization whose purpose is to:

  • Develop, encourage, and foster community attitudes and practices in conformity with the basic concepts of justice and equality of opportunity
  • Maintain the social and civic status of our community at an acceptable level
  • Collaborate with community members on objectives, regardless of race or creed, with the intention to become good neighbors and responsible members of the community
  • Be active members of the community by leading discussions and proposing solutions for problems which affect our community
  • Cooperate with religious, civic, political, business, and other community organizations seeking to maintain the standards of the community on a high level
  • Secure intelligent action on the parts of its boards and communities in the accomplishment of its general purpose